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Our overnight trips are great for groups or individuals who want to take an extended trip down the Suwannee River. Not only is it a great bonding experience, but it's an amazing learning experience for groups such as Boy Scout troops, family reunions, or college students. An overnight trip is a great way to have fun and experience nature. If children will be a part of your trip, please be sure to have the release form linked below completed, especially if the parents will not be present. American Canoe Adventures will shuttle you and your group to and from the river.

Suwannee River Canoe and Kayak Trips

10610 Bridge St

White Springs, Florida 32096

American Canoe Adventures

Contact Us for questions about overnight trip rates and details by phone (386)397-1309 or

e-mail.  (Phone calls are preferable for overnight trips and large group reservations)

Overnight Trips